Photography for the architectural, interior design, hospitality and real estate industries – both residential and commercial.

Thomas Hallatschek is a Cape Town based photographer specialized in photography for the hospitality industry like hotels, guest houses, guest farms or restaurants as well as for architects, for real estate agencies, commercial spaces and interior design.


It isn’t simply about taking a photograph - it’s about creating a vision.

Thomas strives to create extraordinary images with remarkable depth and perception using a light-painting method of photography. He combines both natural and artificial light to create unique and strikingly beautiful interpretations of the spaces he captures. His compositions reveal way more than just the basic information about the space - they are crafted to showcase the design, the dimension and the texture. Thomas doesn’t take a photograph, he seeks to communicate the mood of a property.

His clients include well-known real estate agencies, companies in the hospitlity industry like guest houses, hotels, guest farms, wine farms, AirBnBs, selfcatering homes, architects or companies that offer products for Interior or Exterior.

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