About Thomas


Thomas Hallatschek is a widely recognized interiors and architectural photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Before he started his second career as a professional photographer he worked for a multi national company based in Germany in the fieds of Marketing, Sales and Customer Care.

In 2010 he moved together with his wife Antje form Germany to the country he fell in love with some years before and made South Africa his new home.

Thomas loves the mix of technicality and creativity his way of photography offers him. He is known for his light-painting method of photography, combining both natural and artificial light to a unique interpretation of the space he shoots.

He doesn't take photographs, he artistically creates them to communicate more than just the basic information about the space. His compositions reveal the design, the dimension, the texture and mood into a two-dimensional image.

Thomas uses traditional field techniques and close attention to detail and combines them with the newest digital capture and postprocessing techniques to create images that feel alive and authentic.

When Thomas isn't photographing architecture and interiors, he is working on exciting new projects, further developing his technique or playing with his young daughter.