Architectural and interior photos that stand the test of time

As an architectural and interior photographer Thomas main focus is to provide you with outstanding photos of your house, guesthouse, guestfarm, restaurant or other commercial space or interior design.

Based on traditional field work Thomas integrates modern digital capture and post processing techniques not only to document the space, but rather to tell a story about the space in an artistic manner.

Objects are arranged, each shot is styled and lit appropriate to the needs, working to complement the design and translate the three dimensional space into photographs that shows texture, mood and feelings.


Unified client solution

Dealing with many clients over the years Thomas learned about the specific requirements in this business and added some more services to his portfolio.  It's his aim to make the entire process as simple as possible for you - with a minimum of organizational and time input you will receive your custom-made solution.

Thomas offers services which most appropriately complement one another:

His core is his exterior and interior photography. In this field he also makes use of his high pole to add a birds eye view to your portfolio – of course according to his highest quality standards.

He has a firm knowledge in food and landscape photography and is capable to shoot your employees as well – ideal if you'd like to showcase your complete services with one signature.

Thomas designs and hosts your website (please klick for an example  or another one) - obviously with a strong focus on visuals.



Thomas photography and web design are customized services - tailored to your needs and your budget.

Thomas is flexible with the scope of business. He provides you with the hero shot of your location only or he flies in, shoots for some days and creates a complete new website for you.  No matter how big the job is, his main objective is to deliver consistently the highest quality possible. 

Please enquire for more information and a detailed quote.

Name: Thomas Hallatschek
Mobile 1: +27 (0)79 867 0089
Mobile 2: +27 (0)76 939 4331
Tel.: +27 (0)21 789 0491